Vidorian Publisher Inducted into Hall of Honor

Adair Luker, Publisher of The Vidorian Newspapers, was inducted into the Gulf Coast Press Association Hall of Honor at the association’s annual meeting in Galveston. Making the presentation was Alving Holley, publisher of the Polk County Enterprise
Adair Luker,  Publisher of The Vidorian Newspapers, The Vidor Vidorian and The Vidorian Shopper, was inducted into the Texas Gulf Coast Press Association Hall of Honor at the association’s annual meeting held last week in Galveston. She served as president of the Gulf Coast Press Association 1970-71.

 Born October 27, 1922, in Elkhart, Texas,  Luker began her career in the newspaper industry at the tender age of 17 when she went to work for her father-in-law, A.H. Luker in Grapeland late in the year 1940.
 She enrolled in Sam Houston State College in Huntsville immediately after graduation from Elkhart High School. Following a year and a summer in college, she became the bride of Merle Luker whose father was owner of the Grapeland Messenger. Merle was serving in the Navy and deployed to the South Pacific, leaving his young bride with his family.

      She had a quick course in the basic operation of a weekly newspaper. With only “on-the-job” training, she began selling ads, proofing copy, and setting copy on a Lintotype. The change from hot lead to offset printing was welcome when Orange County Publishing Company converted to the modern method of printing.

 The Lukers came to Vidor on March 1, 1959 when the newspaper plant was still in Bridge City, In April, all of the equipment was moved from Bridge City to 120 North Main, Vidor, with only an office remaining in Bridge City.

  In March of 1961, the corporation launched another publication, The Vidorian Shopper, and discontinued the publication of the Bi-City Banner in Bridge City.

 Luker said she now has some plaques on her office walls from local clubs and organizations, making her proudly feel a welcome part of the community. These plaques include Outstanding Citizen Award and Outstanding Lifetime Achievements.

 Other distinguished journalists from the Texas Gulf Coast region inducted into the association’s Hall of Honor Saturday included Chad Ferguson (who covers Fayette County along with Colorado and Austin Counties at the Columbus-based Banner-Press newspaper), and editor Greg Peak of the Polk County Enterprise.