The Texas Maze Of Terror

The sound of a chainsaw in the distance, and nothing but darkness ahead, you enter a dimly lit room that seems abandoned...it isn't.

 Welcome, dear victims....er, friends, to The Texas Maze Of Terror. 

 From passageways that twist and turn in on each other to creaky floorboards and disembodied heads, every single detail of this place is purposefully designed to creep you out. And believe me, they left no creepy detail un-noticed. At almost every turn, some fresh hell has been devised to rattle your nerves.

 There are five sections in The Maze; The Moonshine Inn, The Twisted Clown House, Knackers Yard, The Swamp, and The House of Crazies. The Twisted Clown House is a neon labyrinth complete with a gang of psychotic clowns who are exceptionally good at finding hiding places. In the Moonshine Inn, hallways full of photos turn into the screaming souls of the damned before your very eyes. Moving towards Knackers Yard, you are treated to a very small room densely filled with bagged bodies that hang upside-down from the ceiling, with an exit so cleverly constructed, you may never...ever find it. Nevermind those caged people crying for help, there's nothing you can do for them.

 I'm not sure which section I was in when I ran into the blood-soaked butcher, but he's in there.....
 waiting for you.

 The Swamp is an outdoor portion of The Maze, as are many others. You won't be slogging through mud though; there are wooden paths and decks that guide you through to something so frightening, so horriffic, so blood-curdlingly terrible.... You'll have to see it for yourself. 
 Located at 1745 Highway 12 in Vidor, Texas, The Texas Maze of Terror is a seasonal attraction that is open Fridays and Saturdays from October 1st until November 5th. Tickets generally go on sale around 7:30 pm, and the horrifying nightmare...uh, show... begins around 8pm.