Assistance with Harvey-related debris

harvey debrisThe City of Vidor is now accepting applications for those private property owners who need assistance moving Harvey-related debris from their property onto the public right-of-way so the debris removal contractor can access it.

The record owner of the property or an authorized agent of the record owner should sign the form which authorizes the City or its agents access to the property AND agrees to hold harmless the City or its agents for any damages of any type to the property.

Forms are available at City Hall, 1395 N. Main St, Vidor from 8 am – 5 pm, or you may download the form HERE.

Signed forms must be returned to City Hall or emailed to streets@cityofvidor.com

Please note this program is limited in scope with no set timeline for removal of debris.  Nevertheless, the City wants to identify and assist those property owners who need assistance with their Harvey debris.

f there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mike Kunst, city manager, at 409-769-5473, or mkunst@cityofvidor.com.