Vidor Police Department

Blue Santa Registration Form 2020

  • Please DO NOT Put Items Over $30 On Your List
  • The custodial parent/s or legal guardians are the only ones able to receive toys for the children. You are responsible for bringing a Copy of your ID, birth certificate or documentation to prove custody, and current bill showing a Vidor ISD address upon receiving toys.

    Age Limit: Birth - 12 Years Of Age

    The wish list is not a guarantee of toys to be received; it is only a guide for the staff to be able to provide appropriate toys.

    For music please give an artist name or title of cd or movie wanted besides just country, pop or rock. Please give a good description of the toy your child is asking for.

  • Begin by clicking or tapping the 'Add A Child' button below. When done, just tap or click the button again to add another child. - 6 child max per form.
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