City of Vidor Parks Master Plan Survey 2020-2030

The City of Vidor is preparing a 10-year Parks Master Plan (2020-2030) to guide the long-range planning of parks and events facilities within the City. Public input during this process is important portion of the Plan.

To ensure the public has an opportunity to voice their opinion, the City of Vidor ask those within the City of Vidor or the Vidor Independent School District to participate in this survey.

Answering survey questions will allow individuals to express their opinions, wants, and needs regarding City owned and managed parks and event facilities, the future development of open space in Vidor, and recreational programs.

The results of the survey will be viewed in context with other input received from the public to establish the highest need park priorities within the city.

Please complete this survey by indicating the answers that best reflect your attitudes and opinions.

Your opinion is important, and the City would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.