Request For Disaster Catering Service Proposals


GENERAL: The City of Vidor is accepting proposals from vendors to provide catering services.

1. The City of Vidor's Emergency Preparedness Plan for the upcoming hurricane season includes securing catering services for employees and first responders required to stay in the city in the aftermath of a disaster.

2. Vendors must be able to provide catering services within seventy-two (72) hours after a disaster occurs and remain until released by City officials. Refer to the technical specifications section (See attached document below) for additional information. Complete the attached bid sheet and return to Michael Kunst (City Manager).

3. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: The successful proposal shall furnish the City of Vidor a certificate of insurance with limits acceptable to the city manager and city attorney.
a. The certificate of insurance or a copy of insurance policies, shall be furnished to the City of Vidor with in ten (10) days after the award of bid.
b. The City of Vidor shall be named as additional insured on all policies. Should any insurance required by this contract lapse, the Contractor shall immediately cease all operations as of the time and date of such lapse and shall not resume any operations until authorized in writing by the City of Vidor. If the lapse period extends fifteen (15) days, the contract shall automatically terminate, and the contractor shall be in breach of this contract.

4. INDEMNITY: The Contractor agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City of Vidor and its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims, causes or action, and damages of every kind, for injury to or death of any person and damages to property arising out or in connection with the work done by the Contractor under this contract, including acts of omissions of the City of Vidor or its officers, agents, or employees in connection with said Contract.

5. If any further information is needed concerning this bid, please contact:

Michael Kunst
1395 North Main Street
Vidor, TX 77662
Phone: 409-769-5473
Fax: 409-883-1096
E-Mail: mkunst@cityofvidor.com

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pdf Disaster Catering Services RFP 2019 - 2021
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