RV Ordinance Updated


Update on the City RV Ordinance.

Roughly one year ago, council placed a temporary waiver on the ordinance that does not allow people to live in an RV inside the city limits (with a few exceptions). At the end of this month the councils temporary stay on that ordinance will expire.

Code enforcement is preparing to mail approx. 160 letters notifying individuals of the cities ordinance and the violation of living in an RV within the city.


The city understands that there are still some people working on their home and making progress. Code enforcement will continue to work with these individuals on a case by case basis. 

Code enforcement has been granted the authority to grant 3 month extensions up to twice for a total of six months.

What it does require is communication with the code enforcement office. If you get a letter just contact code enforcement at city hall. If you have a plan and are making progress you will have no issue getting an extension.