Vidor says it needs more money to rebuild after Harvey


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by Jessica Crawford

Time is ticking for the city of Vidor when it comes to letting a Texas agency know it needs more funds to rebuild after Harvey.

The city spent Thursday scrambling to submit maps and pictures showing flood damaged areas of Vidor by the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission's deadline of July 20 at 5 p.m.

Mayor Robert Viator says the SETRPC says Vidor's population was about 30 percent impacted by Harvey.

Viator believes that many more were impacted.

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"River Oaks edition was 97, 98 percent impacted," he says. "Green Forest Edition was 95, 96 percent impacted."

Just over $2 million has been allocated for buyouts and acquistions in Vidor.

About $3.8 million has been set aside for infrastructure.

Viator says much more is needed.

"According to the numbers at 30 percent, we're at least 10 to 15 percent off, which when you're calculating these numbers, that's a huge amount of money," says Viator. "$3 million for infrastructure damage. When you consider that one bridge span is going to cost you $300,000 to fix, it's not calculating to the infrastructure damage we had."

The city spent Thursday putting together proof of the damage in hopes that the government agencies in charge of distributing the money will increase the amount that goes to Vidor.

"Identified some large spots of land they're not showing effected we can show and prove with pictures under water," says Viator. "Truthfully our only hope is when this gets passed to the next level because this has to go to GLO from our understanding, that our state representatives look at it and possibly right this injustice that's being done to our citizens."

According to the SETRPC, Wednesday, August 5, members of the agency will vote on the proposed methods of distribution of the funds.