Call 9-1-1 to Reach the Vidor Police Department

9 1 1Until further notice call 9-1-1 to reach the Vidor Police Department for ANY reason. Stay safe and we are here for you 24/7.

Update on Closures & Delays

severe weatherVidor City Hall offices will remain closed until further notice.  This includes Municipal Court, Sanitation, Code Enforcement, and the Vidor Library. Sanitation (trash) pick-up is also delayed until further notice.  If you have a Court date this week, please do not show up.  The Municipal Court is closed and all appearances scheduled for this week will be re-set.  

You can reach the Vidor police department at (409) 769-4561.  If you have an emergency, please call 911.  

Please keep a close watch on weather updates.  More rain is expected and water will continue to rise as it has nowhere to go.  Your city officials and first responders are working diligently around the clock to stay on top of the situation and keep citizens informed.  Please do not drive down flooded roadways, and if you must get out watch for downed power lines.  

Vidor schools are closed this week and scheduled to resume on Tuesday, 9/5/2017.  Please click HERE for a list a school closures in the area.  


Vidor City Hall Closed Due To Severe Flooding

Vidor City Hall offices and the Vidor Library will be closed tomorrow, Monday - August 28, 2017, due to severe flooding in Vidor and surrounding areas. This incudes the Vidor Municipal Court, Sanitation, and Code Enforcement departments. Sanitation (trash) pickup will not run its Monday route tomorrow. Please check the Vidor City website and Facebook page for updates.  All city services will resume as soon as it is safe to do so. Please stay off flooded roadways for your safety and the safety of the residents residing in the homes along the roadway. As always, the safety of our citizens and employees is our upmost concern. 




8/26 6:00PM UPDATE:

Harvey has weakened to a tropical storm this afternoon, as it meanders across central Texas. It will not move much Sunday through the middle of next week, which will keep us under the threat of heavy rains, floods, and isolated tornadoes in the outer rain bands.


Rain totals tonight through Friday will be:Southeast Texas 10-16 inches, East Texas 6-10 inches, Southwest Louisiana 5-12 inches, South Central Louisiana 4-9 inches, and Central Louisiana 3-7 inches. Due to the rains, expect to see river flooding as well.


The storm surge threat is decreasing. During high tides this evening and again Sundaymorning, there could be one to two feet of water above ground level in low-lying areas of coastal southeast Texas and southwest and south central Louisiana.


The tornado threat is low, but we have had reports of tornadoes today, so be ready to take action if a tornado warning is issued. The low tornado threat will continuetonightintoSunday.

8/26 UPDATE: Harvey is barely holding on to hurricane status, and will become a tropical storm this afternoon. It will likely weaken to a depression by Monday. The forecast path keeps it meandering inland off the central Texas coast, and not move back over the Gulf. We are still expecting heavy rains and floods in southeast Texas and parts of southwest Louisiana.


Rain forecast totals for the next 7 days include: southeast Texas 9-19 inches, east Texas 6.5-12 inches, southwest Louisiana 7-13 inches, south central Louisiana 5.75-11 inches, and central Louisiana 3.25-7.5 inches. Expect some river flooding across the region, with major flooding possible on Pine Island Bayou near Sour Lake.

The storm surge threat will occur during high tide this evening, and again Sunday morning. Water one to three feet above ground level will be possible during high tides for coastal sections of southeast Texas and southwest and south central Louisiana.

East winds will be gusting 20 to 30 mph through the weekend near the coast.

 A tornado watch is in effect until 1 pm for parts of southeast Texas. There is a small risk for isolated tornadoes across east Texas and southwest Louisiana as well today and tonight

The National Weather Service in Lake Charles is monitoring strong category 3 hurricane, expected to make landfall near Rockport on the central Texas coast tonight. It will remain a hurricane Saturday, before weakening to a tropical storm on Sunday. It will meander near the central and upper Texas coast through the middle of next week.


Heavy rain and flooding will be a concern this weekend into early next week, especially in southeast Texas and parts of southwest Louisiana. Rain totals will be 10 to 20 inches in southeast Texas, 8 to 15 inches in southwest Louisiana,5 to 7 inches in central Louisiana, and 7 to 10 inches in south central Louisiana. Be prepared for heavy rains that will flood roads and some homes.

Along the rivers, flooding is expected as well, with major flooding possible on Pine Island Bayou near Sour Lake, the Calcasieu River near Old Town Bay, and the west fork of the Calcasieu River near Sam Houston Jones State Park.

In coastal regions, expect to see one to three feet of water above ground level, especially during high tides tonight through Sunday.

Winds will be out of the east and gusty 25 to 35 mph at the coast through this weekend.

A tornado watch is in effect for parts of southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana until 2 am Saturday.. There will be a threat of isolated tornadoes again during the day on Saturday, mainly in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana.


Q'ing-For-A-Cause Big Buc BBQ Bash

Qing Bash 2017

 The 2018 Big Buc BBQ Bash Cookoff will be held at The Vidor Pirate Intermediate Football Academy located at 2110 South Main Street, Vidor, Texas 77662. You do not have to be a member of the IBCA to enter. For official IBCA rules please visit the IBCA website at http://www.IBCABBQ.org. Water and electricity are not available. Please contact Derek Veazy at (409) 553-2070 if you have any questions.