Charles M. Stagg (June 7, 1939 - Feb. 20, 2012) was an iconic artist who called Vidor home for more than 30 years.

Best known for his 'Glass Bottle House', a domed cathedral built from repurposed bottles, cans, and cement, he was also a drawer, painter, sculptor, and architect whose spiraling DNA-Helix-like works have been displayed in museums and art installations all over the world. One of his later pieces, "Tree Of Life" is a part of the permanent collection at Baltimore's American Visionary Art Museum.

 Remembered as a kind and gentle man who often welcomed visitors young and old, Charlie was what those in the art world would call an "Inside Outsider" due to the fact that he chose a life of off-the-grid living and working the Earth with his hands, despite
his graduate-level training at Philadelphia's Tyler School of Art.

Please enjoy the annotated image gallery, 360 degree view of "The Green Room" and videos below, but remember that Charlie's House, like all fine art, is best to be left untouched.

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Video courtesy: Jerad Spencer

Video courtesy: WMM