Streets - Drainage - Parks

Streets-Drainage-Parks Supervisor
Percy Flanigan

155 Watts Street
Vidor, Texas 77662
Fax: (409) 769-0203
(409) 769-0212
Street Department
The Street Department’s fundamental duties include the maintenance and reconstruction of city streets and right-of-ways; pulling shoulders to keep water from standing on the roads; mowing road-side ditches for landscaping and visibility purposes; utilization of a 4-person inmate work crew to clean ditches ahead of mowers; and utilization of a 4-person inmate crew to clean trash and debris from city right-of-ways. The Street Department employees are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Street Department employees work in inclement weather to keep streets clear of trees and to barricade impassable or flooded streets. The Street Department also assists the Sanitation Department as needed.
Drainage Department
The Drainage Department’s fundamental duties include establishing elevations; reconstruction of city drainage systems; issuing culvert permits; inspecting culverts installed by individuals or contractors for proper installation and proper grade; installing culverts on city easements for landscaping and drainage purposes; bridge repair; excavation; back filling; and keeping roadways and drainage systems clear of debris during storms. The Drainage Department assists the Street Department, Orange County Water Control & Improvement District No. 1, Orange County Road & Bridge, Orange County Drainage District, and Vidor Independent School District as needed.
Parks Department
The Parks Department’s fundamental duties include the maintenance of the city pool and building, maintenance of three parks, maintenance of playground equipment at two city parks, and installing and upkeep of all street signs, stop signs, etc. in the City of Vidor. The Parks Department assists the Street Department, Drainage Department, and Code Enforcement as needed.