Vidor Municipal Court Lobby Hours Of Operation

City Pool - Opening Day May 29 2021

Sandbags Available!

We also have sand bags available at 155 Watts Street across from the Animal Shelter. You'll need to bring your own shovel. 

New Payment Processor And Fees

Starting May 17, 2021 we will be using a different processing company for payments. There will be a 3.5% charge to use your credit/debit cards. There is still no charge for cash, checks, or drafts.

 The City of Vidor is switching to a different network. Below are some of the changes that we would like to inform you about.

1. There will be a 3.5% charge added to your total amount if you pay your bill with a credit/debit card. There is no charge to pay with cash, check, or by draft.

2. You will no longer pay through The We do not have a specific date that we will start accepting payments on the new web site, but it will be before the 17th of the month. The new website to pay through is WWW.FASTGOVPAY.COM

3. Your bill will no longer look as it does now. The bill will be sent to you in an envelope with a statement inside. Please tear on perforated line and attach to your payment If you are paying by mail or in the night drop box.

4. Your payment will need to be turned in to our office by the last day of the month. The sanitation department will check the night drop box & online payments the next business day at 8AM. If your payment is not in by that time you will receive a $15 late fee that will not be removed for any reason.

5. If you would like to set your account up on draft, we will need either a voided check or a signed imprinted letter from your bank/credit union. Your payments will then be drafted on the 10th of each month,

6. Please remember that your container needs to be out by the road by 6AM on your pickup days. If the container is not out by 6am your address is marked, and the sanitation trucks will not go back to empty your containers.

7. The sanitation trucks run every holiday but Christmas. Keep in mind that even if City Hall is closed the sanitation trucks will still be running. If your pickup day falls on Christmas, you will be picked up the following day. Again, make sure your container is out by 6AM.

8. Any trash on top of or next to your container will not be picked up. All your trash needs to be inside the container and in trash bags. No building material, mattresses, furniture, appliances, scrap metal, paint, or tree limbs are allowed in your container. If any of these items are in your container at time of pick up everything will be left inside of your container until those items are removed & the sanitation trucks will not return to empty your container until the following week on your pickup day.

9. The City of Vidor does not have a truck to pick up large items or green age from the side of the road.

10. The roll off dumpster is available on Thursdays & Saturdays from 7AM-3PM. at 155 Watts Street (located behind the police department). The cost to dump is $20.00 per cubic yard. If you bring your sanitation bill, it will cost you $10.00 per cubic yard. The roll off dumpster does not accept spoiled food, tires, or hazardous items. Make sure to bring your drivers license as well as cash. No checks or credit/debit cards accepted.

Pirate Pride Park Beautification Project

City Employees Repairing Damaged Playground Equipment At Pirate Pride Park
Safe And Ready To Play!
Local Girl Scout Troop 130458 Planted Flowers!